Uniting to Protect our Shared Landscape and Equestrian Traditions in Piedmont Virginia.

Support our equestrian and sporting hound traditions.

We foster the conservation of Virginia Piedmont’s open spaces and strive to enhance our community’s knowledge and appreciation of the long-term care needed to protect our landscape and preserve the diverse wildlife habitats that nourish the native plants and animals that share our Virginia countryside.

Founded in 2021 to make a regional difference.

A tax-deductible non-profit that benefits the preservation of open landscape, natural habitats, and equine and sporting hound activities.

We promote and educate about the equestrian and sporting hound traditions of the Virginia Piedmont to support their continued success and the preservation of the landscape they depend on.  We engage the public through a variety of programs that connect people with our protected open spaces, private trail networks, and rural traditions, uniting our countryside in the commitment to preserve our territory for future generations.   

How we make an impact in our community:

Land Stewardship

Promoting best land management practices to ensure environmental sustainability, and the protection of wildlife habitat and native species.

Youth Scholarships

The Andrew Donovan Looney "Passion & Dreams" scholarship provides internship opportunities for young members of our community.

Conservation Easements

Providing education and assistance to landowners to support them through the easement process to permanently protect their property from destructive development.

Join us to preserve the Virginia Piedmont.

Cultivate your appreciation for environmental practices that conserve the Virginia Piedmont.

Educational Programs

Learn more about best management practices, native species development, wildlife habitat cultivation, agricultural systems, animal husbandry, and conservation easements.

Public Access

Enjoy our protected open spaces and traditions through trail rides, walking tours, hound walking, kennel tours, and equestrian events.

Riders on horses going through field in Piedmont Virginia

Community Gatherings

Connect with landowners in the Virginia Piedmont to unite our countryside in the commitment to preserve our incredible landscape and nurture our environmental resources.

Upcoming Events

Open to the public & fun for the whole family.

October 2023
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Ways to Give

Support the continued success of equestrian and sporting hound activities in Piedmont, Virginia.


Planned Giving

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Your support is critical.

Without involved community members like you, the Virginia Piedmont is at risk of irreparable damage from development.

How your contribution benefits the PFHCF:

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