Planned Giving

Plan Your Donations for the Future and Beyond

Planned giving or planned gifts are the creation of charitable gift annuities that will go to your planned eligible nonprofits (like us!) in the future, usually in the event of your passing. It is “planned” because it is made before the donor’s death through a formal financial or estate plan.

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There are 3 types of planned giving:

Current Gifts

Given and received immediately. They include cash, checks, stocks, bonds, real estate, personal property, and valuable antiques. The donor must provide the organization of choice with the gift and sign over their assets and personal property rights.

Deferred Gifts

Decided upon or given immediately but received by the organization in the future. A charitable remainder trust also falls into this category, as annual payments are made from a donor-provided trust fund. Can include either a fixed percentage of the donor's life insurance policy or a bequest on their behalf. Retirement plans also make good assets, as they can be made through the donor's retirement plan administrator to avoid all tax planning.

Split Interest Gifts

Benefit the donor and the organization they donate to. The donor can retain regular investment earnings for years or the rest of their lifetime. This primarily benefits private landowners who have set up a conservation easement, allowing the owner to maintain access to the current economic benefits from their land and potentially make dual income from one of many land trusts.

How to make a planned gift:

Step 1: Set up your planned gift in advance

Much of the planned gifts payable should be done well in advance in coordination with the creation of your will.

Step 2: Receive the benefits of your planned giving

Whether you're receiving tax benefits or reduced income for life, enjoy the benefits that your planned giving has to offer.

Step 3: Establish Your legacy

Be content with the knowledge that after your passing, your legacy gift will assist your chosen organization far beyond your expectation.

Why planned gifts matter:

Alongside outright gifts, planned gifts are significant donations we receive. Though major gifts are received immediately, the longevity and scale make planned gifts extremely beneficial to our organization. We are so grateful to our loyal members for providing us with donations so far into the future.

  • Receive a sizable tax break from your donations.
  • Put the power into your hands—planned gifts can be given under the agreement that the donor will have a say in how their money should be spent within the organization.
  • Planned giving lets you give gifts over some time; if you don’t have the funds presently, putting aside an annual fund to donate in the future is a perfect solution.
  • Leave a legacy by giving back to your chosen charitable organization by providing them with financial support for future generations.

Don’t miss out on supporting your favorite organization. A planned gift can benefit you in more ways than one, and leaving a legacy gift will make your impact last far into the future.

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