Environmental Resources for Community Members of the Virginia Piedmont

Land conservation and environmental education are the first steps in preserving our natural resources.

PFHCF was founded in 2021 to foster the conservation of Virginia Piedmont’s open spaces and rural landscapes through supporting the sustainability of equestrian and sporting hound activities. 

We strive to enhance awareness and appreciation of the long-term care needed to protect our landscapes and preserve the diverse wildlife habitats that nourish the native plants and animals that share our Virginia countryside

Our commitment to preserving our historic territory drives our educational programming and citizen engagement throughout the Virginia Piedmont region.

We are community-based, making an impact by through conservation education, assisting landowners with best land management practices, offering financial support for conservation easements, and providing  youth scholarships with internship opportunities at the PFH stables and kennels.

young girl and boy petting foxhound


Land Trust of Virginia (LTV)

Partners with private landowners who wish to voluntarily protect and preserve their working farmland or natural lands with significant scenic, historic, and ecological value for the benefit of our community using conservation easements.

Piedmont Environmental Council (PEC)

Founded in 1972 to promote and protect the Virginia Piedmont’s rural economy, natural resources, history, and beauty. Headquartered in Warrenton, VA.

Virginia Piedmont Heritage Area (VPHA)

Founded in 1995 with a mission to educate and advocate for the preservation of the extraordinary historic landscape and culture of the Virginia Piedmont Heritage Area for future generations.

Goose Creek Association (GCA)

Founded in 1970 to fight the discharge of sewage effluent into Goose Creek, today the GCA is involved in a number of critical issues on both local and state levels to maintain and improve the quality of the Goose Creek watershed, that feeds into the Potomac and Chesapeake watersheds.

Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR)

The state's lead natural resource conservation agency. DCR protects what Virginians care about - natural habitat, parks, clean water, dams, open space and access to the outdoors.

Virginia Department of Forestry (VDOF)

Established in 1914 to prevent and suppress forest fires and reforest bare lands. The agency’s mission is to protect and develop healthy, sustainable forest resources for Virginians.

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