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In Remembrance of Andrew Donovan Looney

Our youth scholarship provides internship opportunities for young members of our community.

Andrew Donovan Looney grew up foxhunting with the Piedmont Fox Hounds, where he was also a valued and excellent employee. Dedicating most of his days to cleaning kennels and working with hounds, Andrew could also be found clearing trails and fence lines to preserve the natural beauty of Piedmont.

He was a devoted member of the Virginia ranch community, born from a sense of country belonging. He’d always dreamed of working on a farm, and through his hard work and devotion to his craft, he secured an internship at Rocking J, a 50,000-acre ranch—to Andrew, this was the opportunity of a lifetime.

Since passing away on April 30th, 2021, we have been supporters of the Andrew Donovan Looney “Passion & Dreams” foundation, which gives out scholarships to young members of our community. These scholarships allow access to internship opportunities just like the one Andrew was given.

We want to recognize Andrew's hard work during his lifetime and allow young students and people to follow in his footsteps.

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