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Love the beautiful landscape of the Virginia Piedmont?  Looking for ways to support our equestrian traditions and rural culture?  Check out our local volunteer opportunities with the Piedmont Fox Hounds Conservation Fund!

Volunteers are vital to our mission and the success of our events and we would welcome your participation.  Enthusiastic support of our programs helps build the community environment that is so important to PFHCH and our countryside.  

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How to Volunteer

Join our mission to protect the Virginia Piedmont region.  Signup is easy!

Step 1: Apply to volunteer with us

We are searching for active volunteers to assist us with the preservation of the Virginia Piedmont through supporting our events. Sign-ups are always open and we encourage you to fill out our volunteer form below to get started!

Step 2: Attend an event as a volunteer

We recruit extra volunteers when we need additional resources to support us during busier events and we will let you know all the details of your involvement well before the event.

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