Other Ways to Donate

Stocks, Property, & IRA Distributions

There are many options for showing your support when making charitable donations.

We access donations through stocks, property, IRA distributions/contributions, cash, and planned gifts. A qualified charitable stock & traditional IRA contributions allow individuals 70½ years or older to support philanthropic organizations through a taxable stock or IRA instead of taking their required minimum distributions. Publicly traded securities held for over a year are registered as non-cash assets and frequently donated to charities.

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Other Ways to Give:

Gifts of Stocks

Donating stocks to charity is simple and effective to donate your current access and reap the benefits of your taxable compensation. Stocks also count as long-term appreciated securities, so your gift (and applicable tax deductions) can increase with time.

IRA Distributions

Donating IRAs through your retirement assets is possible. This is done by cashing out your IRA contribution, paying your remaining income tax, and donating the appropriate contribution limit to charity. This is an effective way to donate the remainder of your retirement accounts after contributing to an IRA over your lifetime.


Donating eligible land and property to charitable organizations can benefit both the environment and your wallet. The donation of land and property can also help you qualify for a charitable donation tax credit depending on the fair market value of your property.

Benefits & Impact

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Without your involvement, the Virginia Piedmont is at risk of irreparable damage from development.

Here are some ways that donating stocks, IRA distributions, and property can impact your chosen charitable organization:

  • Donating stocks to charity will give you a tax deduction for the total market fair value of the stock which could also potentially increase your contribution and tax deduction by 20%.
  • Donating stocks can assist in eliminating your capital gains tax exposure and garner a charitable deduction reflecting the fair market value of your shares.
  • Donor-advised funds can be used when donating through the IRA, which functions as a charitable checking account that allows you to take full advantage of donor tax breaks.
  • Create a Giving Account that stretches across multiple heirs, thus developing a long legacy of giving that stretches through the generations.
  • Donating land rather than selling is a way to benefit from a tax refund while helping charity and the environment.
  • There are limits on excess IRA contributions and excess contribution limits over 75%, but gifts of property and ecologically sensitive land are not subject to the same limits.

Our success relies on contributions from community members like you.

We depend on your support to achieve our mission of protecting the natural habitat and beauty of the Virginia Piedmont for future generations and we sincerely appreciate your consideration. 

Contributions of every size make a difference and allow us to continue connecting the community with our protected green spaces and educating landowners about how they can best steward their property to ensure environmental sustainability.  

Please continue to support the repeated success of equestrian and sporting hound activities in the Virginia Piedmont.

Have questions about donating?

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