Our Mission

Preserving the Virginia Piedmont landscape for future generations.

The Piedmont Fox Hounds Conservation Fund was founded in 2021 to foster the conservation of Virginia Piedmont’s open spaces and rural landscapes through supporting the sustainability of equestrian and sporting hound activities. 

We strive to build awareness and appreciation of the long-term care needed to protect our landscapes and preserve the diverse wildlife habitats that nourish the native plants and animals that share our Virginia countryside.

Our commitment to preserving our historic territory drives our educational programming and citizen engagement throughout the Virginia Piedmont region.

We are community-based, making an impact by educating about conservation, assisting landowners with best land management practices, offering financial support for conservation easements, and providing  youth scholarships with internship opportunities at the PFH stables and kennels.

Join us to preserve the Piedmont countryside.

Gate in a fenceline with sunrise behind, on a country road

How we will achieve our mission:

Host educational programs.

We host a variety of educational programs, including the best management practices, native species development, wildlife habitat cultivation, agricultural systems, animal husbandry, and conservation easements. These programs promote the preservation methods needed to conserve our beautiful Virginia landscape.

Provide public access.

We provide public access to our protected open spaces and traditions, opening the door to our local communities through trail rides with our horses, walking tours, hound walking, kennel tours, and equestrian events.

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Hold community gatherings.

We hold gatherings that connect landowners in the North Virginia Piedmont area in an effort to unite our countryside in the commitment to preserve it for future generations. These gatherings strive to enhance the community's knowledge of our landscape, wildlife, and native plantings.

Assist with internship opportunities.

The Andrew Donovan Looney "Passion & Dreams" scholarship assists with internship opportunities for young members of our community, including helping at the PFH kennels and stables.

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Encourage estate planning.

For families interested in making a legacy impact on preserving our countryside, equine, and sporting hound activities.

huntsman in ratcatcher attire on top of hill blowing horn for hounds

Benefit the Piedmont Fox Hounds.

The Piedmont Fox Hounds hunt territory makes up a major part of the area we serve and many of our initiatives are mutually beneficial. We share the same trail network, and work together on trail maintenance, equipment, and other endeavors that support both of our missions.

Our vision for the future of the Virginia Piedmont.

We want to encourage and engage residents in our region to cultivate their appreciation for conserving Virginia Piedmont’s rural landscapes and its equestrian and sporting hound activities.

We aim to increase awareness of the many layers of land stewardship that are involved in protecting our environmental resources that provide the backbone of our rural culture.  

Blessing of the Hounds sun shining in on riders, hounds and horses

Our Connection to Piedmont Fox Hounds

The Piedmont Fox Hounds is a private hunt club located in Upperville, Virginia. They work tirelessly to support their hounds and horses, working to keep the countryside open for fox hunting.

The Piedmont Fox Hounds Conservation Fund is an entirely separate entity from the Piedmont Fox Hounds, but the PFH hunt territory is integral to the area we serve, and many of our initiatives are mutually beneficial. We share much of the same trail networks, and our resources play an essential role in their upkeep and improvement.

Foxhunting and steeplechase racing represent two of the most important equine traditions in Virginia and the Piedmont Fox Hounds have been active leaders in these fields for almost 200 years. Supporting their continued success, along with the other equestrian pursuits that depend upon our incredible landscape, is a vital part of our mission to preserve our Virginia traditions.

Meet Our Board

Dulany Morison


Walter Kansteiner

Vice Chairman

George Grayson


Laurie Ambrose


Landon Butler

Board Member

Katy Carter

Programming Director

Piedmont-Based, Community Supported

We would be nowhere without the continued support of our Virginia Piedmont community. Your funding fuels our educational programs on wildlife habitat, native species, and conservation easements, as well as supports the continued success of our equestrian and sporting hound traditions for future generations.

Without involved community members like you, the Virginia Piedmont is at risk of irreparable damage from development. Please continue to support our important mission and join our events that engage us directly with the beautiful rolling hills of the Virginia Piedmont.