Jumping Safety Clinic with Juliet Graham

instructor standing in horse riding ring by jump standards

On August 19, 2023, PFHCF hosted “Jumping Safely in the Hunt Field: A Clinic with Juliet Graham” at Gum Tree Farm. Juliet has successfully competed at the Olympic Games, two World Championships, Burghley, Badminton and Kentucky Three Day Events, and is a winning steeplechase jockey and former PFH Honorary Whipper-In.

Juliet’s emphasis on safely navigating the many facets of riding in the field and expertise in teaching techniques to improve each rider and horse was evident throughout the day; horses and riders were able to add new tools to their kit for the upcoming season!

Remember, it’s not about riding a horse, it’s about riding the horse you have.

Many thanks to Juliet and to our hosts, Walter and Franny Kansteiner!